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Anonymous asked : I know I need to push myself and get over my silly fears but i've been acting since September and I'm so not confident in my skills yet! I still dread class because it makes me nervous but I force myself to go because I know that's how I will grow. I just want to be in that stage where I'm not so nervous/anxious about auditioning/workshops, and even if I am, I can block those out and get the job done. I guess I'm just a noob :P What are some of the most challenging things youve done in acting?

message me off anon!

Anonymous asked : How did you get yourself to start going out on agent auditions? My acting studio has agent/manager/casting workshops and I don't have representation so they'd be beneficial for me to attend, but I always chicken out cause I'm scared & intimidated to go by myself. I know I need too but it's just such a scary thought. At least in classes I can mess up & learn, but in a workshop/audition I have to impress them. Should I sign up with a friend so I'm not alone? But I also want to be independent! :/

Honestly, you’ll probably bomb the first couple no matter what the circumstances, so just get over it and go!

I hate to sound harsh, but if you want to be in this industry you need to start stepping out of your comfort zone and just do it!

Anonymous asked : how do you get agent referrals? i feel like it's awkward/rude to ask someone to refer you to their agent, especially since i feel like that's something they should offer to you!

Yeah I wouldn’t ask for a referral, but you could always be like “hey do you of any agents or agencies you think are good that you’d recommend I submit To?” And then usually they’ll give you something or be like oh I know someone I’ll send them your info! But no one is going to put their name out there unless you’re good.

Anonymous asked : how long did it take you to become so confident and comfortable in your acting? I basically have to force myself to go to class because I get so nervous! But I do love it, and it's always been my dream. I just wish I could jump into it without being so nervous and scared all the time.

Honestly it took a good 8 months- a year. But I worked hard! Just keep going!

Anonymous asked : what are the most uncomfortable/most awkward things you've had to do in a class? ugh i can literally feel the awkwardness! but i know it's apart of the career. it's just hard to transition into i guess :/

Well kissing is probably the most awkward. But honestly if you’re not in your head, but engaged in the scene and the other person.. That to me is not even awkward, because I feel it. I want to kiss them because I’m so into my character, and my character obviously wants to kiss them.
You’re going to encounter many things in classes, because that’s where you learn! Where you grow, work on getting over awkwardness and such. Don’t stress about this!

Anonymous asked : hi! Im currently taking acting classses and I have to do a scene next week where i'm kissing a guy. i've never kissed anyone before, and i'm 20. i know that's weird, but i'm really really nervous. I know that i will inevitably have to kiss people in acting, but idk how to get over it and just do it. intimacy is really difficult for me and makes me feel superrrr uncomfortable, almost violated. idk why. but do you have any tips? what are some uncomfortable things you've done in acting class?

Hey there!
It’s always going to be uncomfortable kissing someone in acting. I totally sympathize with you. The first time I had to do it though I had already kissed guys before so I wasn’t as nervous as I take it you are. Honestly, just an innocent kiss is so easy and nothing to be scared about. Once you do it, you’ll be like what the heck?! That’s what I was so nervous for?! Haha but before your scene I suggest you guys just kiss and get that out of the way, then rehearse it so you can look as comfortable as the scene calls you to be.

Don’t be scared! Just be bold and face your fears. That’s something I’ve learned with acting. If you wanna get places and get better just jump in!